A little about me...

I am an Emmy award-winning multimedia producer that possesses a unique, hybrid skill-set. I have extensive knowledge in video production and storytelling sharpened through years of professional experience in television and digital media.

I began my production career in daytime television where I produced for both the Meredith Vieira and Dr. Oz shows. Afterward, I journeyed into the world of freelance where I began producing for digital and social media outlets. While I still enjoy all forms of production, I have a strong passion for interviewing and storytelling no matter what the medium.

Even before I officially entered the world of production, my interest in scripted television and creative writing ran deep. My first dip into the employment pool after college was working as an executive assistant at Sony Pictures Television. There, I was motivated to transcend beyond my basic duties and worked with the Branded Entertainment group, proposing ideas for brand integration into Sony-produced originals. Simultaneously, I began running my own short-form production company, Side Job Productions LLC, where I worked as a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor. Through that experience, I executive produced three web series.

My inherent need to be creative has been apparent throughout all of my time in these various professions as well as my writing for magazines like Rap-Up and sites like the Huffington Post (